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I love being a part of the family of God where we can interceede for sisters we have never even met! This verse actually gives me goose bumps, mainly because I see connections to two of my favorite Bible heroines: Ruth and Esther. Just as Boaz redeemed Ruth, Jesus redeems me from a life of poverty, fear and loneliness; just as the only way Esther could achieve anything would be to overcome all odds and have the king remember her name from among the hundreds of women he had and summon her specifically by name, God remembers mine and summons me to His side.

It reminds me that even though I feel insignificant and small and worthless and alone, God has a plan for me that is just as wonderful as the plan He had for Ruth and the plan He had for Esther. I am not alone; I am His, and He is always working in the background for my good, even when all seems lost.

Amen sister! Your words resonate with my soul. May the Lord give us eyes to see and hearts to remember this truth. May we soak it deep into the core of our souls that joy and hope always overflow. I have summoned you by name. You are mine. Thanks for your inspiring words for us. I am His!!

And might I add, He is mine!!!! Nothing could be more reassuring and also astounding. That I belong to Almighty God. That just blows my mind. For me, two phrases are so closely linked it is difficult to separate them. Matthew b I identify the garage sale analogy you used about buying back what was already His. Then after time in a world that took what it wanted, and where I had given much of myself to be accepted…….. Thank You God for your love, and for your willing vessel, Liz, that shines your light into our darkness with new revelations of insight into your word.

In Jesus name, Amen. I totally identify with those Far Country years, my sister. God is beyond good to buy back the broken and bruised and make us brand new in him! The Lord is looking straight at me. Now what reason do we have to fear? Praise be to God! For me to think God has called me he has a plan for me excites me. I have been been called with a purpose. This was the verse I chose as my favorite for too many reasons to list here! I would love to keep this to re-read as needed.

Those emails are quite easily printed. So glad you were one of the many who chose Isaiah as your favorite! Loved the list under fear not…so many are this girl. The battle has already been won, I am redeemed. Thank the Lord He chose me. Liz you amaze and encourage me. It was such a highlight to meet you in person. Thanks for the encouragement…and the hug! Thank you Lord for the assurance that you know my past but you do not hold on to it but have redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus. Sheen of tears for sure. I learned years ago to look closely when I am fearful, that the enemy is trying to keep me from something by making me afraid.

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I recently learned that the cancer I was diagnosed and treated for last year is back. We are reminded that we need not fear because we have a God that is bigger than the fears and the problems facing us. And oh how comforting to know that He knows us by name and to read that that He calls us His. Thank you for this study. Health concerns can be so overwhelming and uncertain in so many ways.

I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me. No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety. Lifting you up in prayer right now, Diana. Asking God to wrap his arms of mercy and healing around you, to comfort and assure you of his presence. Oh this came at just the right time. My mom battles fear and I now have the words to speak to her to encourage her. Personally that I am HIS! You are Mine. I have spent my life not feeling like I fit in. I am joyful that the Lord not only invites me to his club but makes me his.

He has marked me Ephesians and written my name on the palms of his hands Isaiah I have a permanent membership in the best club in the universe! I thought this lesson really applied to me. My mom instilled this fear in me since she was constantly worrying about all the things that could go wrong. All to him I now resign, I have been redeemed. My life has been wonderful since Christ redeemed me. However, knowing that he plans my path I need to stay on it and he walks beside me and he listens to me even when I am grumbling I can trust him for today, tomorrow and all eternity no matter what comes my way.

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Love all the different translations you included in the exegesis, Sister. Even the ones that come back every day. Love you, Lizzie! Fear not… He tells over and over. Once I really embraced that truth I was able to get through my husband being in Iraq in I am His, there is no better feeling in the world, as a mom to 3 almost grown children and having already lost my parents, I am His, He called me by name. Feeling beyond blessed, thank you for sharing Liz.

Thank you so much for this devotion. I feel God called me to be a volunteer EMT in the small town my husband and I are moving to this summer for our retirement. But I have been fearing that I will not be able to remember what to do. Or I will freeze at the scene of a bad accident. I intend to pray this verse as I enter the ambulance to go out on a run. Becky, My husband is a volunteer firefighter and former EMT. Thank you for your heart and service to your community! You are truly putting hands and feet to your faith.

You are mine are the words I love to hear. I belong. I fit. I am desired and wanted. The Lord knows everything about me. He knows the depths of my sins and loves me the same. In His arms we always belong. My husband of 30 years died suddenly 3 months ago tomorrow. Since then, The Lord has proven Himself to be faithful to His promises over and over. I now know there is nothing I cannot handle when I trust in Him who promises to order our steps, supply our every need, carry our burdens, and give us peace beyond our understanding.

And I know He is equipping me to minister to other women who find themselves in my situation. He and His promises are trustworthy, so we have no need to fear! Sue, lifting you up to the one who loves you so much! Asking for His peace and comfort to surround you today! Praying for you today, Sue, on this difficult anniversary. So good, so good. You are loved and you are indeed HIS. I am a flower quickly fading. Good morning! That is what keeps me going on days that are hard. I know I am His and I have nothing to fear.

I feel The Lord close and know that I know. I came into this world unwanted, unloved and devalued. As I grew up Ionging to be treasured and loved. To be called by the Lord of the universe as His own has been so profound in my heart. To find my worth, unconditional Love, extravagant love through Christ has literally changed my life. With that kind of love over me I shall not fear! Thank you Liz for your ministry.

I have known you as my sister in Christ since the first time I met you. I rejoice that the Lord has done the same in your life, dear Denise! I love, love, love it when God is showing me something and repeats it. Thank you for your ministry, Liz! What a lovely, simple, meaningful name! Thank you, God. Bless my Sister, Liz, for studying Your Word and sharing encouragement in such meaningful, practical ways. When I hear God say these things, this is what I think He means by it… I wanted to share that with you:. I created you — This is who I am to you. I am your creator. I formed you.

We are close. To fear or not to fear. And this is why: I have redeemed you. This is your story. Called you by name. You specifically. I know your name. You are safe. I am committed to you. I am attached to you. You belong to me. I am responsible for you. When you had so much taken and so much fail…. Like the war is over. From that place of safety- debt, insecurities, fear of the future and all the unknowns… it all just melts away. Because the One who created me and formed me- Redeemed me, called me by my name, and I belong to Him. Bless you for sharing what God is showing you through this verse, Em.

So much, in so few words! And what strength they give us through bad times and good. They all are comforting.

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Knowing that God has filter everything thru His hands. Two funerals, husband with heart prolbems etc, but this verse has been very refreshing. Thank you Liz. God calls me by my name! He has a special name for me and had known me all my life!

Judaism & the Power of Names

Thanks again Liz, for a sweet reminder of how much we owe to our Lord. I find so much comfort and joy in this verse. I have spent my entire life trying to find where I belong. Do not fear. This past year has been a huge time of faith and trusting for my hubby and me. We have seen our family hurt and suffer, we have seen work disappear and money along with it.

We have hurt as a couple and kept going knowing that God has the answers we so desperately seek. Do not fear are words of comfort simply because I realise that even when life seems a calm sea there is usually a storm of some sort underneath and the only answers that matter and help come from God. I need him now as much as ever before and his constant reminder to me is Do not fear, I am with you, I will bring you through the storm.

He will deliver, of this I am assured. Your trust in God shines through your words, Ruth. Then at 8 my mother died and my father turned over my care to family members. So I tried to filll that need every wrong way. Two failed marriages and many failed relationships, I am now overjoyed to say that I finally happy. If God sends me a husband great. If not then I am free to go and do what he calls me to do without added complications. I am His and that is all I need. You are Mine I always felt ignored, insignificant, blending into the background of life, but now I can say this: I am not hidden from You.

I am not ignored. I am not unnoticed by You. Not just a wallflower. You will dance with me forever and ever, every time. I am reading this at one a. With tears streaming down my face. God planned that I would not read this last week. This is the third night I have been unable to sleep. After 20 years in ministry I am feeling so full of fear it is overwhelming.

Thoughts of suicide have floated through my head as the devil is openly attacking me in every area of insecurity I have. I am clinging right now to the thought that I am redeemed and my past sins, past life do not hold me, nor do they make me who I am with Jesus. I am redeemed! You are redeemed, absolutely. Tell the enemy to take a hike. And perhaps, as God leads, you might want to speak with a doctor about some of you physical and emotional symptoms.

Chemical imbalances can wreak such havoc on our bodies. There is no shame whatsoever in taking meds for depression or anxiety. They are a healing gift from God. Praying for you today! No, the new me will not return, but now I feel that a new and improved me will emerge. Oh, Rebecca. I believe I speak for all your sisters here when I say how grieved we are to think of your loss. Beyond comprehension, really. And yet the Lord is clearly comforting you as only he can. Providing assurances. Giving you his perfect peace. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

Praying for you now as I post this…. Thank you, Liz. Its hard to choose one part the speaks more. It ALL says so much. I need to be reminded how much MY Lord loves me, even when I am weak and feel less than what He made me to be. And that is something I should not be afraid of. He continuely picks me up through his Word and his childen. God is SO good. Until, three years ago, I was asleep in my room, early morning I heard God call my name.

I awoke suddenly, and looked around my room, I was scared. Tears stream down my face daily, because I long to hear from him again. My spirit knew it was Jesus, yet I called my husband, I am so ashamed. I am hoping he was preparing me to know his voice. How can I be sure of this? Because you are here, studying his Word. No one is hungry for the Word of God except a child of God. Susan April 24, at am. Thank You sister Liz, Your words are always inspiring. You have a Wonderful day today! Jenny Benedetti April 24, at am. Phyllis April 24, at am. Pegge April 24, at am.

Michelle April 27, at am. Janine April 28, at pm.

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