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List of books about Jesus - Wikipedia

First Name. Password Must be at least 6 characters. Re-type Password. Thank you for registering. A verification email has been sent to the address you provided. Get Password. Remind Me. Add to Cart. Related Items. The subjects discussed include lawsuits among believers, the gift of tongues, women in the church, and marriage and divorce. Because these problems are still prevalent in society, Paul's letter remains an important teaching message for us today.

For what sins may a person be excommunicated from the church? Is it right for a Christian to go to law against another believer? What should we think about marriage and divorce? What is the place of women in the church? What is the gift of tongues? What will the resurrection body be like? This letter was originally written to answer certain questions that had arisen in the assembly at Corinth. But many of these problems are still with us and will be until the end of the age.

Leaving a promising business career to serve the Lord Jesus, he traveled worldwide, proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. Although William MacDonald went to be with the Lord in , his writing ministry continues to instruct and teach thousands of people today. They can be disturbing, too, for John allows no shades of gray in our lives. With him, things are black or white, right or wrong, true or false, good or bad. The world has always been and will continue to be hostile to Jesus Christ and His followers.

In light of that, the letter of 1 Peter contains both relevant and needed teaching and encouragement for Christians today. His service for Christ has led him to many parts of the globe, including South Africa, where he spent twenty-five years as a missionary among the Zulu people. Today he continues proclaiming the gospel and strengthening the church body through writing and preaching ministries. For example, the immoral brother was expelled from the fellowship of the local church and showed deep repentance.

In the meantime, Paul experiences some of his darkest hours. Trouble appeared on every side. Although he became the main spokesman for the early church in Jerusalem it appears that he did not stay there but traveled among the newly planted churches, including some that the apostle Paul had established.

Who Is the Greatest Man Alive

In his second letter to them, he warns of false teachers from within the church. He also reminds them of the basic truths of their faith and stimulates them to grow spiritually. Peter warns the believers that false teachers are coming; Jude says that they have already come. Discover these plans in this straightforward survey of the Bible.

Gossett earned a B. Dean has taught summer camps at Koinonia for over 30 years. He and his wife just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We can and must trust His word as was such delivered to us. Here is some information about another authorised English Bible translation. The Great Bible relied heavily on the work begun by Tyndale. Edward the VI, who is said to have read twelve chapters of Scripture a day, ordered that the restrictions concerning the use of the Great Bible be removed.

Hi Judy, The apocryphal books were written during the intertestamental period and first century, and most were originally written in Greek not Hebrew. They are not considered canonical by Jewish people and present-day Protestant Christians. The Greek Orthodox Church regards the Apocrypha as canonical. As well as the apocryphal books which roughly correspond to the deuterocanonical books accepted by Roman Catholics, there is pseudepigraphical literature dating from BCAD that is also alluded to in the New Testament.

There are many allusions, rather than direct quotes, from these books in the New Testament. For example, compare Hebrews b with 2 Maccabees Hebrews makes reference to the Martyrdom of Isaiah. References and allusion to the apocryphal books of Enoch occur several times in Jude and 2 Peter Jude 4,6,13,14—15; 2 Peter ; Perhaps the best known non-biblical allusion is in Jude 9 which comes from a story found in the Assumption of Moses. The writers of the New Testament also quoted from, or alluded to, current rabbinical teaching and pagan literature.

This link is to sayings of Jesus which have some semblance to apocryphal writings. Some are a bit of a stretch, but others seem valid. I have no problem with the New Testament authors quoting such sources. It is like us today quoting from secular literature such as Shakespeare , or from well-known Christians such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Tim Keller to make a point, except that the New Testament writers were uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Experience the original design and beauty of this masterpiece as these digitally re-mastered pages transport you back in time to read the greatest story ever told.

For the first time since the original King James Version rolled off the presses, see and experience an exact, page-by-page, digitally re-mastered replica of the original printing in an economically priced edition. This replication contains the lavishly illustrated genealogy of key biblical figures—from Adam and Eve to Jesus. Now you can embrace the elegance, majestic style, and rich cadence of the first printing of the King James Version Bible. Thanks, would love to have a Geneva Bible done in that price range!

Here it is in all its glory! I just wanted to say thank you Judy. When I read the bible I read an easy modern translation like the ESV, but when I study I use the KJV and anything else I can get my hands on to enable me to correctly discern the true meaning of a word. I abhor some newer translation like The Message and the NIV but am aware people are answerable to God, each one, for their choices whether that be choosing to live ignorantly or seeking wisdom.

To someone seeking God we might present as a group of infighting skeptics not even convinced of the truth and validity of our own precious word.

Select a book of the Bible

You make an excellent point, Melina. The debates over Bible versions can be heated and political, and look horrible and petty to an outsider looking in. But it concerns me that many Christians choose to use a Bible version that is difficult, and potentially misleading, to read. I do use the NIV though, and I wonder why you abhor it. I feel the same way about the translation of the KJV—there are some inspired choices and other less inspired choices. However, the KJV is hard to read overall because of its dated language.

The ESV is very clunky to me. I was converted while in prison. I tried reading the old blue covered Gideons King James Bible but it was just too hard to understand. I only had it in the New Testament. I resolved to not move to another verse until I understood the verse I was reading. This went reasonably well until I got to Genesis I was stuck. I had to move on. There are lots of difficult passages for new converts. Especially for those who have restricted access to other help.

Thanks for this comment, Bluey. It describes very well the difficulties that many English speakers and readers have with the King James Bible. It was written to be understood in the s by common folk, but language has changed a lot since then. I definitely appreciate this article. I do have one concern, though. I agree that the NIV is a perfectly good Bible. In fact, my day-to-day reader is the NIV.

In order to have a deep understanding of scripture, you need to have a decent knowledge of the Greek. The Bible mentions demons, and I know godly people who have written about demons.

The Book of Job

Have you got an exact title and publication details of the book you are referring to? Or a link? Even a quick look at the book shows that King James was writing against demons, magic, witchcraft and astrology, etc. It was interesting. Enjoyed reading it as far as I could. It takes some getting use to it. He really had great insight. Well, Kings do or should!

I enjoy the kjv and use it often. For everyday I use the nkjv, I love the formal beauty of both. On my phone is where I use the other translations. I thought this was a well thought out and articulated column. I did take note of a lot of passion on both sides. I have also noticed that recently the NIV has begun to soften some of its language around controversial social subjects, for example the way women are referred to in scripture.

This is unfortunate. I believe that either will serve a sincere individual very well. Thanks for your comment, Richard. Yes, the passion is astonishing. I really like the NASB too. Have you got an example of where the NIV has softened or compromised a verse about women? I like the way women are referred to in scripture…like strong, aggressive people who would die for the gospel…and people who are in direct contact with God rather than the church ideal that infers that God has to go through human mediators to get to women. But the KJV also has the same way of referring to women…so what do you mean?

While this is acceptable to many as the NIV attempts to communicate the intent of the message, this is not a true word for word translation, and I prefer to leave the thinking to individuals, not solely to experts. He was addressing his mother in a respectful and warm manner. When translating from one language to another, we need to faithfully translate the actual meaning.

A word for word translation can be misleading. I know some people who mistakenly think Jesus was being terse with his mother. This is a shame. The TR as we know it was produced by Erasmus in ? It was the Greek text he produced to support his Latin translation of the Bible. It became known as the TR much later. I responded with this long quotation of three paragraphs taken from here , which I thought might be helpful in the ongoing discussion here.

This name was first applied to a printed Greek text only as late as , or almost years after the first published Greek New Testament appeared in Most notable among the many editors of Greek New Testaments in this period were Erasmus 5 editions: , , , , , Robert Estienne a. Robertus Stephanus 4 editions: , , , , Theodore de Beza 9 editions between and , and the Elzevirs 3 editions: ,, These many Greek texts display a rather close general uniformity, a uniformity based on the fact that all these texts are more or less reprints of the text s edited by Erasmus, with only minor variations.

These texts were not independently compiled by the many different editors on the basis of close personal examination of numerous Greek manuscripts, but are genealogically-related. When Erasmus was compiling his text, he had access to only one manuscript of Revelation, and it lacked the last six verses, so he took the Latin Vulgate and back-translated from Latin to Greek. The fact that all textus receptus editions of Stephanus, Beza, et al. No edition of the Greek New Testament agreeing precisely with the text followed by the KJV translators was in existence until when F.

Scrivener produced such an edition though even it differs from the King James Version in a very few places, e. Acts This text does not conform exactly to any of the historic texts dating from the Reformation period and known collectively as the textus receptus. Though the terms textus receptus and majority text are frequently used as though they were synonymous, they by no means mean the same thing.

When the majority text was being compiled by Hodges and Farstad, their collaborator Pickering estimated that their resultant text would differ from the textus receptus in over 1, places; in fact, the differences amounted to 1, Except in a few rare cases, writers well-versed in textual criticism have abandoned the textus receptus as a standard text.

Yes, both the and the ,much easier read Edition. King James did not error, he falsified, as its very obvious, calculated change. I still love KJV, but appreciate the Bible our forefathers brought over on the mayflower too! They did not bring the newer KJV on their voyage. Maybe they just loved their at that time 60 year old bibles, better. Or they knew better! NO GO. The english in this version, is also difficult to understand. For those in the 21st century. Christians are still beating this old drum?

That issue was argued in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the s by both pastors and lawyers! Marg: you have done a superlative job moderating this blog! Marg, you motivate me to be more patient. How long can you keep moderating this discussion and maintain your patience?

What’s Missing from Codex Sinaiticus, the Oldest New Testament?

As long as it takes…. He explicates the great accomplishments of the KJV, does not bash those who think it is the best translation for all English readers, and explicates reasons why any modern English translation of the Bible should be better for us. McGrath is a polymath. He helped me appreciate the greatness of the KJV. Barr gives us insight into both translation theory and Interpretation difficulties. I am amazed at how far the zeal of some commenters on these pages so far surpasses their knowledge.

Many have no understanding of the difficulties involved in translating from any language to another language—let alone from Biblical Hebrew or from Koine. I agree with the writer who said Christians need to be more involved in demonstrating the love of Christ to our lost world than debating our favorite translations of the Bible. This whole discussion reminds me of how some Christians like to study the book of Revelation—just so they can argue with other Christians about how best to interpret the end times. Or is everyone close-minded regarding KJV Only? I just wanted to salute your incredible Christlike patience.

I have no desire to cause more division in the church over what is sadly a contentious issue for some. It is a concern to me that this is the only page on my website that contains cautions about what people may post in the comments section. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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