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The year that Sound Spectrum opened, , the Sawdust Art Festival celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer became an official venue in Laguna. The genesis of the Sawdust began in when "The Experimental Artists of Laguna Beach" showed their artwork and crafts in a downtown vacant lot. This display was a reaction to the nearby Festival of Arts' FOA recent policy, which was to jury in its artist exhibitors and to jury out these renegade artists.

After the exhibitors spread sawdust on the ground to keep the dust down, the local media unofficially named it the Sawdust Festival. In , several dozen artists and four board members left this festival to become the "Sawdust Splinters," soon renamed "Art-A-Fair," and still in business nearby. That same year, the Sawdust began renting two-and-a-half acres from Walter and Dorothy Funk at Laguna Canyon Road where it is today , across from the Festival of Arts. With their DIY spirit, these exhibitors built their own booths they still do , covered the ground with sawdust, officially named their display the Sawdust Festival later renamed the Sawdust Art Festival , and opened for business.

Jay Grant, the Sawdust's president, recalls in the book "The Sawdust Festival, The Early Years," that "visitors had streamed to the Sawdust that July night to see and purchase the wonderful arts and crafts filling the booths, but more than that, they also came to experience the eclectic atmosphere of strange characters and unusual sights Old barn doors. Peasant dresses. Long beards and longer hair Rustic, funky, charming and brimming with the oddest collection of individuals you'd find anywhere. Doug Miller, age 68, is one of the longest continually exhibiting artists at the Sawdust: this summer will mark his 46th year.

The painter, photographer, violinist playing jazz with his group, "The Moon Police" paints obsessively, creating one to two small acrylic paintings of Laguna landscapes every day for decades. He has uploaded many of his early Sawdust photos onto his Facebook page, and generously shared some of these for this article. Sawdust exhibitor Greg Thorne begins booth construction, Laguna's character as an artists' colony began in the early 20th century with the influx of artists from across the country and abroad; and while the arts continued to flourish here over the decades, they took firmer root in the s.

The un-juried Sawdust Art Festival, exhibiting local artists and crafts people exclusively, thrived and eventually became a bigger attraction than the Festival of Arts. Sycamore Flats, still fondly remembered by many Happening attendees, was re-opened in New residents and visitors to Laguna Beach enjoy this relatively unspoiled canyon, along with the city's many artistic offerings; yet, few know of how our natural resources were saved, or of how the artists were instrumental in protecting Laguna's identity as a colony.

Today, however, this community is increasingly appealing to the very wealthy -- a gentrification factor that is undermining the artists' ability to afford to live here. As these artists are aging, many are moving to more affordable areas. Local artists, supporters and even people who work for Laguna's municipality are considering what the city can do to help our artists continue to live here.

Photo: Doug Miller. Archival image: Cynthia Fung , a Sawdust kid, later worked there as publicist. Archival image: Joe and Sue McClure. She exhibited watercolors at the Sawdust. Dig this story? We are dedicated to providing you with articles like this one. Show your support with a tax-deductible contribution to KCET. After all, public media is meant for the public. It belongs to all of us.

Exhibition "A Performative Trigger: Radicals of Irvine" shines a light on the cutting-edge performance and conceptual art created by UC Irvine students in the s and '70s. Read More. In the s, Mystic Arts World was a Laguna Beach emporium, bookstore, and gallery that showcased psychedelic art. Historian Bolton Colburn revisits the counter culture venue with exhibition "Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists In addition to baking creative pies like the In-N-Out-inspired Animal Style and lobster bisque-smothered Mobster pizzas, Dough Girl is lending a hand to local youth dealing with issues like homelessness and addiction.

A population as big as the state of Kansas are in prison.

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You may not know it, but the criminal justice system has immense impacts on our lives. Here are five things to consider.


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Learn how the World War II incarceration affected their lives and creations. Watch Now. It has since grown in proportions and is celebrated around the world. A behind-the-scenes look at the contemporary art world through the eyes of a legendary art dealer and curator, Jeffrey Deitch. Hear Raul Ruiz talk about the experience of covering the East L. Neil Fujita's bold works, filled with life and vigor animated milestone jazz albums and book covers, illustrating the music of such greats as Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck.

His influence is seen in music and also in Hollywood cinema. The Happening music festival aftermath, More Laguna Beach Art Stories. Mystic Arts World in Laguna Beach, Photo: Robert Altman. The interior of Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach, Sawdust Festival booth, Marquetry — 16 wood types H. The plateau of the inMySkin table is in marquetry made from veneers cut from eleven types of natural wood in different colours, the result is a digitalised reptile-skin effect. Marquetry with 11 types of natural wood H.

The Black Snake Blues coffee table simply exudes animality. A snake appears on the surface, as if shedding its white ebony skin shot through with black, in one fluid movement. Marquetry of dyed pear tree wood, white ebony, matt lacquered steel H. From metal to wood, like the impeccably sawn board, Illusion is the only ebony piece in the collection that plays with brighter colours using copper, brass and tin.

The ellipsis repeated to infinity blends in with the material; the illusion is perfect. Marquetry in black ebony, brass, copper and aluminium H. Plane Tree is completely covered in marquetry that perfectly imitates the camouflage motif echoed in the hidden drawers on each side. Thousands of old wood veneers with the contrasting colours of unique wood species: green and grey pin oak, white ebony, Macassar ebony, sycamore, pear tree, lemon tree.

Marquetry made from sycamore, Macassar ebony, pin oak, wenge H. Combinaison is a collection that often works through juxtaposition, at times through confrontation, inversion and even hybridisation, but never through opposition. A series of combinations that speak of moments where methods and typologies, materials and manufacturing processes collide. The Tenellus lamp contrasts the fragility of paper and the lightness of an industrial mesh, with the precision, simplicity and weight of a simple metallic tube.

Denis Diderot - Wikipedia

The resulting piece provides a delicate, honeycomb light. Base in anodised metal, steel mesh, paper H. Palissade is made of three shapes slotted together to form one piece. Each of the shapes is edged so that the surface takes the light in a different way. In addition to the facets, a hatch pattern with luxurious gold, palladium and copper trim adds to the singularity of this exceptional piece, an infinite light trap.

Pine veneer in gold, bronze and silver H. The history of chronometry dates back to early civilizations, when men used to observe the universe elements to define the day, hour, minute or second… Time Flies evokes the spirit of the planets and satellites suspended in the universal infinite. The exotic granite disc measures time in minutes while the small, embedded one measures the seconds.

The third disc, produced by stereolithography, measures hours. Granite silver forest and polished metal H. Skin Deep pays homage to a traditional and luxurious material. This collection freely explores the possibilities of leather, playing with feelings and contrasts, textures, colours, shapes, in both supple and stiff leathers. Powerful and sensual leather sculptures fill the space, making it more open and freer. The sofaScape is a country, a landscape with mountainous relief. The sofaScape is an emotional domain with variations and shades.

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A closed area of variable geometry, made of spaces, dips, densities adapts to each of our bodies and each of our moments. The astonishing architecture of this sculptural bench takes its rightful place in the space that welcomes it while opening a door to elsewhere. Calfskin, natural or black oak 12 unique colour combinations made from 6 different leather shades H. The pure lines, the shape, the leather of the smoothWriter desk provide a place of refuge, protected and intimate.

A space where time has stopped and where words take shape. Wood frame, dyed black, calfskin H. Since time immemorial, the mirror has been the object through which we appreciate beauty.

Its power is almost invisible. The assembly of two suspended elements, one made from luxurious leather, the other a clear, penetrating mirror, results in a precious, sculptural object. Its incredible presence reminds us of the beauty of the mirror itself, as much as that of the reflection. Metal structure, mirror, leather Pearl grey or dark brown H. The four Victory seats are like minimalist sculptures. Their extreme simplicity hides their cutting-edge design. The leather moulds itself to the voluminous, organic shapes that are redolent of the sensuality of the boxing glove.

The wide lace stitching adds a finishing touch of the utmost elegance. The Blister bench is a contemporary update of the padded leather classic. A simple folded surface. The leather fits on to a frame formed from a diamond-shaped pattern with a vacuum-packed effect. The frame changes and opens up to the light nearer the bottom, the result is an object that seems to be hardly touching the ground. Folded metal structure, calfskin Black, chocolate brown and pearl grey H. A charming domesticated chimera that changes according to the skins used.

The Tatou reminds us that languor is a sign of longevity. Bull calfskin, aluminium, wood H. Morning Mist, a collection developed exclusively with Benjamin Graindorge, essentially proposes new shapes and thoughts on the theme of light, the ultimate emotional material. Through this ode to light, Morning Mist proposes an alteration of reality, or perhaps attempts to reveal the essence of the real.

The asphericalSkylight lamp appears at first as a very simple, even basic piece through its minimalist construction. Once lit, a window on the sky opens up and attracts our gaze to the point of hypnosis, the light absorbs us. Everything seems to slide over the surface until we doubt the existence of the object. Whitened oak and LED H.

The betweenShadows are alcoves for dreaming. Covered in a layer of porcelain bisque, they bring us to an in-between place between the sacred and the profane; where shadow comes from light, where they reveal themselves to one another. A place where fire comes to life. The light is not just a shimmer, it is also calm and profound. This shadow object illuminates our inner life — a space too fragile to take too much brightness.

Porcelain bisque S: H. CristalCanes are living beings.

Their glass skeletons carry the very essence of light with grace and elegance. The density of the glass skulls, made using three different methods contrasts with the fine delicateness of the limbs. A silhouette of technological abstraction, they confide their strange poetry. A sincere, organic piece of poetry, fallenTree is a unique object with its singular shape and the natural presence of oak branches. In order to better evoke the lack of gravity, the base is made from highly technical optical glass, the perfect transparency gives the dreamlike illusion of a slight imbalance.

Sculpted oak and borosilicate glass base Finish in natural solid oak H. The doveTail basket is a miniature evocation of the fallenTree where brute force is replaced by the fragility that is as much a part of the tree. Sculpted oak H. We find the very essence of material treated in a radically different way with the hiddenSkin bench, where leather and wood are brought together to bring out the feel of their hyper-materiality in an impeccable geometric, compact shape that demands to be touched. Black leather, black tinted oak satin finish , whitened Douglas pine sanded finish and natural oak matt finish H.

The ikebanaMedulla vase takes us to a sensitive and poetic territory, imbued with a wild but controlled nature. It gives off an impression of intense serenity when it reveals itself in its starkness, the vase and its function are one. It blends in with the living matter. ABS lacquered with ultra-matt paint — tin base H. A delicate cloud motif crosses over the mirrors and creates the illusion of a dawn mist.

La face (HORS COLLECTION) (French Edition)

The Mirage mirrors conjugate high level craftsmanship with pure poetry. Made using a serigraphy technique, the illusion is perfect and gives one the impression of emerging from the clouds, of flying. Three serigraphed mirrors S: H. The morningMist lamp is like an apparition. Like a chimera, it moves delicately and spreads a light that wraps around one like the dew of the morning. The glass beads come in 12 shades. They seem to shelter our dreams, we give in totally. Vase: blown borosilicate Structure: polished bronze Ebony wood H.

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Feather Light Marble expresses the inconceivable, creating light objects made from marble. Marble is ultra-resistant and, as a result, was slimmed down to the extreme. Airy, sensual, light, delicate, it loses nothing of its density.